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Gap year

Have you ever considered taking a Gap Year before going to college? Would you like to explore different courses before choosing a degree? Have you always had in mind improving your language skills? Do you hear “Work & Study” and get excited?

Let us give you a hand on that!

If you have the opportunity to spend some months traveling don´t hesitate! Wheter you just finished High School or College, we have a tailor-made option for you. We offer experiences and programmes in multiple destinations; some of them even allow you to work.

Gap Year

  • Open the door to new experiences
  • Go above and beyond!
  • Discover new cultures
  • +18
  • Canada, Australia, Ireland
  • minimum 6 months

We offer work & Study Programmes in Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Taking a Gap Year off is great opportunity to get out of your routine and be open to new experiences. It´s very common to take this parenthesis right after the High School or College.

Find the right formula for you is our goal. We can offer a combination of studies with work experience, language teaching or volunteering programmes.

Interested in Gap Year?

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