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Summer courses

Enjoy our summer programs abroad, learn languages, play sports, discover new subjects, make new friends and have fun.

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  • Football, tennis, basketball, golf, horse riding, water sports, rugby.
  • Combination of languages & sports.
  • Intensive training programmes.
  • 8 - 17 YO
  • Period < 1 week
  • With language classes: minimum basic (A2)
  • No language classes: minimum intermediate (B1)
  • England, France, Ireland, Spain, United States
  • English, French, Spanish
  • Residential

We have partnerships with Elite sport´s academies in different locations. These programmes are indicated for students who are looking for an intensive sport training and technique development.


Combining your favorite sports with a language programme is the perfect formula to have a great summer experience.

Traditional summer camps in which students can play outdoorsports and make friends form all over the world.

We strongly believe that the best way to learn or practice a language is by doing what you love. Spend your summer playing a new sport or training at the most prestigious sports academies in the world.

We offer specialized programmes in differents sports such as golf, tennis, hockey, horse riding, basketball football, rugby, water sports, among others.




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  • Art, medicine, engineering, robotics, programming and much more!
  • Programmes for high school students.
  • Enjoy you summer and develop new skills!
  • 14 - 18 YO
  • Period < 2 weeks
  • No language classes: minimum intermediate (B2)
  • England and United States
  • English
  • Residence

Programs in engineering, physics, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, biology, marine sciences, neurosciences…

A variety of options for students who want to focus their career in science or for those who don’t know what they want to study in university.
These programs are carried out in the best universities and institutions in the United States or the United Kingdom. All of them have excellent facilities in the field of science and research.

Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded and innovative programs.

For students who love design, video games or for those who dream of discovering different programming languages, robotics… A whole range of possibilities to learn and experience the best and most modern tools such as Adobe, Epic Games, Nvidia, LEGO, Roblox and more.

Understanding what a business is, how it works, what it takes to succeed and profit is a fantastic opportunity to begin to devise and create a business plan.
These programs are adapted to the age and maturity of the participants, helping them to choose their future careers and to succeed outside the classroom. They study marketing strategies, advertising and the main key strategies of the most successful companies in the world.
Public speaking or international relations programs not only develop participants’ critical thinking skills, but also give them the tools and guidelines to lead a conversation, negotiate, express themselves with ease, using the correct terminology and phrases.

Undoubtedly, these programs are very practical and very oriented to develop certain skills necessary in any profession or life in general.

Contemporary art, fashion design, digital media, illustration, photography, painting, sculpture…. amazing 2 or 3 week programs in small classes, designed for all levels. For students who are passionate about art and for the more creative, these courses, available mainly in the United States and Europe during the summer, provide the opportunity to learn or improve new techniques.

If you already speak english well and want to discover a new skill or testing what to study in the future, taking a summer session is the right choice for you. Some of these short courses take place at the most prestigious colleges and boarding schools.

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  • Immersion programs in different languages.
  • Study abroad programs in teacher's home.
  • Improve your speaking fluency and communication skills.
  • 12 to 17 years old

Spending a few weeks with a local family to immerse yourself in the language and culture of a country is the best option for mature students who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. The homestay program can be combined with language classes, sports or cultural activities or simply experience cultural immersion by living with another student of similar age. Many families do not want their children to be with boys and girls of the same nationality or students who have the same mother tongue…Practically, in international programs, this is impossible. However, living with a native family, listening to the language throughout the day, participating in conversations and day-to-day life, is an excellent option for those seeking total immersion in the language and life of the country. Another reason why it is convenient to choose this type of program abroad is to gain maturity, respect for other cultures, know how to communicate and interact and make new friends.

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Language courses

  • Courses in English, French, Spanish, German
  • Offical exam preparation courses
  • Incredible destinations and programs
  • 7 to 17 years old
  • Year round
  • With language classes: all levels
  • England, Ireland, Spain, France, United States, Canada, Germany, Austria
  • English, French, German, Spanish
  • Accommodation in family or residence

Language courses abroad  are one of the most popular programs in the world of international education.
Learning a language in an international environment goes beyond the linguistic experience. It involves interacting with people from different countries and being exposed to new situations every day. We have a wide portfolio of summer and winter programs adapted to all ages and levels. We offer language programs in international classes that can be combined with sports or the development of a specific skill.

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