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About Us

Climbo´s goal is to bring the best educational institutions from around the world within reach of international students. We have been in this industry for years and have been foreign students. We relate to students as we have been there, we had the same questions. We make the process of studying abroad safe and simple for students and their families. We know what we do and we love it!

Why is so important to study abroad?

We strongly believe in studying abroad as a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as for developing valuable skills for the rest of your life.

Problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, flexibility, leadership, ownership, proactivity, self-awareness, teamwork, resilience among many more.

Navigating a world of opportunities to find the right one for you can be a daunting experience.

We will be with you all along the way

Some key benefits from studying abroad

  • Enjoying a truly multicultural environment
  • Improving your language skills from the classroom and the “real world”
  • Discovering a brighter future, full of new possibilities you didn´t know existed
  • Making friends for life
  • Trying a different Education system
  • Having the possibility to practice new sports
  • Visiting new cities with their own culture
  • Overcoming new challenges
  • Living new experiences
  • Trusting yourself and your capacity to overcome any challenge
  • Effective teamwork, making the most of everyone´s strengths
  • Appreciating your home country from a different perspective
  • Discovering trial and error as an exciting part of the journey
  • Finding your vocation

Learn more about our programs

  • Volunteering


    Meaningful experiences abroad

  • School Year Abroad

    School Year Abroad

    Discover our destinations and programs

  • Summer Courses

    Summer Courses

    Practice sports, learn languages, choose a vocational program and much more...

  • University aborad

    University aborad

    Think about your future, start your university carreer abroad...

  • Gap Year

    Gap Year

    Learn new skills, improve your language level, live new experiences or work and study abroad...